My Uniform: Alice Bell, Astrologist

My Uniform: Alice Bell, Astrologist

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Whether or not you believe in astrology, chances are you’ve wondered at some point who you can blame for the hows, whens and whys of your life. The stars
of course! Nashville-native and astrologist Alice Bell wasn’t always a believer, originally her path led her to Vogue where she worked with legendary editor Sally Singer publishing online content. But a fateful meeting with a therapist-slash-astrologist changed everything. She realized astrology (and helping others read their own charts to discover their own destinies) was, well, her destiny.  And so how do the stars and style align?  She suggests her proclivity for color and timeless pieces might be explained by her Sun and Star signs: Aquarius and Pisces. 


I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and left for boarding school in Virginia when I was 14. Later, I went to college abroad in Switzerland and then London for graduate school where I studied fashion journalism. I always wanted out of Tennessee. I always liked how clothing gave you more confidence and could make you appear to be who you wanted to be. In high school, I was definitely lacking in confidence. But my fashion obsession started early on: In middle school I remember just staring at catalogs and wanting to spend my time at the mall.

Alice is an Aquarius who enjoys walks around NYC
She was an editor at Vogue and then...
She started seeing a therapist who was also an astrologer.
And her life's true calling revealed itself.


It was unreal when I landed my dream job at Vogue. Dressing for it wasn’t all that difficult for me because I’ve always been pulled-together. I owned lots of dresses—you get to work and it’s as if everyone is ready to be photographed. So I dressed to look good, it had nothing to do with my mood. Aquarians don’t really follow trends. 


Over time my interest shifted and astrology came into play. I was seeing a therapist who is also an astrologist, and through talking to her I found a higher meaning to my life. She introduced me to my birth chart at the beginning of 2018. And everything took off from there. 


Your rising sign tends to dictate how you appear to people. It’s easy to see a Capricorn rising: No frills. Or a Scorpio rising loves all black—they don’t gravitate towards color. Sometimes your rising sign can even affect your physical features. Virgo rising tends to have close set eyes. Obviously there’s a lot going on in everyone’s charts, so these are general. As a Pisces rising, I definitely relate to the belief that this sign is interested in fashion and art.


Three things you never leave home without...

A book (likely Judy Bloom Forever, a YA fiction book first read when I was 14), Chapstick, a hair brush.

Three professions you’d pursue if not for your current line of work...

Freelance writer, therapist, doctor

Your uniform in three pieces...

A mid-heel shoe, a trench coat, a minidress


As told to AM on June 21st.  Alice was photographed at her home in Manhattan by Casey Zhang.  Follow Alice @stalkalice.


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