Our Story

A Little History...

It all began with a mission to make the perfect shirt. The one where all the details add up – superb craftsmanship, high quality fabric, and just the right cut (we could go on…).  So in 2012, Alex Drexler launched Alex Mill from a tiny shop on Elizabeth Street, where the shirts soon developed a cult following.

Fast-forward to 2019, when Millard—better known as Mickey—Drexler (who happens to be Alex’s Dad) was in talks with a few companies looking for his expertise. (Mickey is the founder of Old Navy and Madewell, and the former CEO of The Gap and  J. Crew). He wanted a project that felt exciting and unexpected, but it turned out the company he was most excited about was–the one he wasn’t officially in talks with– Alex Mill. So he had an idea…

Their friend Somsack Sikhounmuong was known for designing clothes that were (very) cool and special, which he did for many years as Creative Director of J. Crew and Madewell. But he was ready for a new adventure. Mickey and Alex knew just the place.

The three of them got together and decided to join forces. They knew that getting dressed could be so much easier and so much better if they could combine the right styles + the best fabrics + meticulous attention to detail + a lot of fun. 

So today, with a small-but-mighty team based in SoHo, together they obsess about creating great style that never goes out of style and designing pieces that let you–be you. To bring you not just any clothes, but the right clothes.