My Uniform: Alex Drexler, Co-Founder Alex Mill

My Uniform: Alex Drexler, Co-Founder Alex Mill

Every month we ask our friends how they found their personal style and to share the pieces that make up their daily “uniforms.”

Our co-founder Alex Drexler may have been born in New York City but he spent most of his childhood in the ‘80s and ‘90s in San Francisco—a place and time dominated by khakis, tees, cargo pants and, in the case of Alex, red suspenders which he considered to be a hallmark of his look in early childhood. Today even he would describe his personal style as “uniform” (and so would his wife Karen, we asked). We’ll let him explain how he arrived at his signature look: Monogrammed wide frame glasses, a white T-shirt, white sneakers and a button-down shirt layered over everything.

I was part of the inspiration behind Gap Kids, if that gives you any indication as to how I dressed growing up. My father, Millard “Mickey” Drexler was President of Gap when we moved to San Francisco in 1983. He couldn’t find clothes for me that he liked, so he saw an opportunity to make them. It’s hard to explain the phenomenon of that style during those years: khakis, tees, twill. It was the uniform of San Francisco. It was everywhere. There weren’t all these other places to shop in those days. My dad would take trips to Europe and bring me back stuff so there was always something else mixed in.

I’ve always felt that a great piece of clothing is like a great meal: It’s complex and nuanced and those are the things that make it memorable.


When I was really young, maybe 5, I had a pair of red suspenders that I wore pretty religiously. From a young age I just loved details, I remember thinking about fabrics, cuffs on a jean (which I actually didn’t wear until later in life). I’ve always felt that a great piece of clothing is like a great meal: It’s complex and nuanced and those are the things that make it memorable.


I’ve worn them for as long as I can remember. For a brief moment I tried to do contacts but I honestly just couldn’t get them in my eyes. I flinch too much. So I’ve always worn frames. I get them on the Upper East Side at a place that’s a real hidden gem called Loft Opticians. It’s family-run and I always get my name engraved on the inside. Those details mean a lot to me.


When I was 14 I worked at American Rag for a summer. I stocked clothing and was a sales associate. I was the youngest on the team and I remember loving it.


I love every piece in my wardrobe. I’m a perfectionist so whatever I purchase has to be special and something I want to wear everyday. I feel fabrics, I really love fabric.


While I don’t emulate my icons, I do admire the way certain people put themselves together. Specifically my friends Andy Spade and Mr. Mort, I like the way they approach clothing even if it’s not exactly the way I would..



3 words you would use to describe your style:
clean, streamlined, un-basic
3 professions you’d pursue if not for your current career:
FBI agent, district attorney, detective
Your uniform in 3 pieces:
White T-shirt, white sneakers, button-down shirt


As told to AM February 13th, 2019

Photographed by Grant Legan at Alex Mill Studios

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