My Uniform: DJ/Creative Director Charlie Klarsfeld + Art Curator/Art Dealer Lolita Cros

My Uniform: DJ/Creative Director Charlie Klarsfeld + Art Curator/Art Dealer Lolita Cros

Charlie and Lolita live in New York City’s East Village and are one of those enviably creative couples that seem to harmoniously possess talent & kindness in equal measure. And they each have great personal style, seemingly a mix of the cities they’ve called home and the cultural forces that are at the heart of their professions. We followed them around for a day in their neighborhood where they put their spin on our Indigo capsule collection and some new styles. How they arrived at their easy, cool style? We investigated...


Lolita: I’ve lived in Paris, Casablanca & New York and I’ve always had a bit of a uniform—with a “special accessory” thrown in at different stages. The uniform: Overalls, Petit Bateau T-shirt, Converse sneakers. At age 10 there was a pair of Spice Girl sneakers in the mix. At age 15 there was a red bra to color coordinate with my red Converse. At age 20, the accessory would be my Louboutin heels. Today, it’s really not that different. I’m still waiting for the day I’ll wake up and start dressing like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

Charlie: I was born in London, lived in Paris until age 6 and have been a New Yorker ever since. When I was 10 years old—it was the ‘90s—I lived in JNCO jeans, baggy skater T-shirts, skate shoes and bleached blonde hair.  By 15 it was skin tight jeans, vintage T-shirts from my mom’s closet, fur coats and hats, sparkling vinyl Marc Jacobs and Vans collab, a range of experimental hair styles, too much jewelry (like a rosary for no reason) and a diamond ring. Go figure. By 20 I was more conservative: RM Williams boots, jeans, classic trenchcoats and a hint of ‘60s/’70s. Today I’m revisiting my flamboyant side with colorful cashmere sweaters, a baby blue fedora or fur bucket hat, ‘70s style glasses and a silver cuban link chain is a must.



Charlie: The only piece I’d really consider an investment was a preposterously expensive Ermenegildo Zegna classic Italian suede bomber that I bought at full price! Ouch! It was a self-reward after I scored a Tom Ford commercial that Mario Sorrenti directed, suffice to say it took a bite out of that budget! I’m super precious with it and never take it out in the rain!  

Lolita: My very first pair of jeans came after months of begging. They were bought one beautiful weekend at the Gap when I was around 10 or 11 years old. I made up for lost time a couple years after that by going shopping every single Saturday after the morning exams my Parisian school inflicted on us. The second was my first pair of heels, at age 16, a pair of yellow Louboutins which I still wear. They were the perfect first heels, looked just like candy!



Charlie: As my own boss, I don’t have to dress for anyone else! Sometimes I rock a suit for a more upscale DJ gig. My dad always dressed in suits, my mom [photographer/filmmaker Pamela Hanson] generally has a playful sense of style, but loves getting dressed up. My biggest influence for a while was Bob Dylan circa “Don’t Look Back” (matching black with the shades). Also, my grandmother. She’s a fashion icon.

Lolita: I sell art, a commodity that is still thought of as a luxury. I can’t show up to a meeting with a collector wearing dirty sneakers, I have to dress the part. However, I also have to go visit artists' studios in the depths of Brooklyn, the Bronx or other cities I don’t know well, and therefore can’t be walking around in heels. It’s definitely a balance but I’ve learned to dress according to my surroundings, which is an important skill to have in my opinion. My parents are much classier than me; they’re very French. My father wears nice suits and casual corduroys on weekends, always with a splash of color or a hat. My mother used to wear heels everyday when I was growing up and always knew how to accessorize her torn up jeans with a Kelly bag. Now she basically does the same but with flats on, and a fresh pair of pants because as she says “you can’t wear vintage when your face is vintage.” [ed note: LOL!] She’s my biggest style influence, with time I subconsciously end up dressing exactly like her.


3 Things With Charlie + Lolita

 Three careers you’d prefer if not for your current profession…


A pilot so I could fly wherever I want on my days off. 

I used to make films, and have always seen myself getting back into directing in my autumn years.  

I feel like I’d be an insanely proficient personal assistant. I’d find some perverse OCD satisfaction but def wouldn’t prefer it. Have generally life hacked my way into doing what I love it seems!



I went from wanting to be a butcher at age 4 to a doctor at age 5, to a stylist, a scientist, the editor in chief of Vogue, and the editor in chief of Beaux Arts magazines. 


Three things you never leave home without...


Guitar Picks

USB thumb drives for my DJ set




I’d like to say something sexier than “my keys, my wallet and my phone,” but that would be a complete lie.


Charlie, three songs we should all have on heavy rotation this month...

Take on Me by Charlie Klarsfeld

You Destroyed My Heart by King Princess

Canção para Laia by Turbotito, Phillipi & Rodrigo


Lolita, three exhibitions we should all see in 2020…  

"Tschabalala Self: Out of Body" at ICA Boston 

"Vaginal Davis: The White to be Angry" at Art Institute of Chicago 

"Lynette Yiadom-Boakye" at the Tate Britain


Thanks Charlie! Thanks Lolita!


Charlie & Lolita were photographed by Bryan Derballa at their home in New York City

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