Behind The Seams: The Alex Mill x Fracap Collaboration

Behind The Seams: The Alex Mill x Fracap Collaboration

Behind Fracap is the Cappelo Family. They’ve been making boots since 1908 in Monteroni, a small town in the boot heel of Italy. Currently run by Antonio and Michele, the grandsons of the founder, Fracap is best known for a rugged yet supremely comfortable hiking boot called The Magnifico, which got its name because that’s what Grandma Cappelo would say after finishing a pair. We chatted with Michele to get the full backstory…

“We are based in a small town in Puglia. Our factory is in the same place where it was in the early 20th century, where our grandfather started the factory. At that time Monteroni was called ‘scarpa pulita’ (clean shoe) and it has been famous since the beginning of the 19th century for shoe artisans. Our grandfather handcrafted his first pair of shoes in 1908 and at that time everything was handmade so every pair of shoes was truly a piece of art! We grew as a family and as a company—and decided to remain in this same town of Monteroni to spread the energy and beauty of this place. We are passionate about making our shoes with the same techniques of the past, techniques that make our shoes last long. 

Since we were children our father Alfredo made shoes for us. I remember when I was 10, for my uncle Giovanni’s wedding, he made two pair of shoes: One for me and one for Antonio. They were our first pair of classic shoes.

One of the core tenets of Alex Mill is simply that great design shouldn’t be messed with. Preserving what’s iconic, so to speak, we’ve never liked running after the next trend. So when we came across Fracap, a line of Italian-made all-weather boots, we knew we were in like-minded company.

The Magnifico boot was designed for the army originally and is known for its strength, durability, and excellent quality. We have preserved the traditional technique called ‘ideal stitching’ (a technique that ensures strength and durability from top to midsole). We keep the features that made it last intact, but we’ve also changed things slightly from the original. For one thing our shoes are much less heavy and are softer and more comfortable than the original.  They are handcrafted with the best Italian vegetable tanned leather and Italian ‘cuoio’ (calf leather) for the insole so they allow the most natural perspiration to feet. They’re supremely comfortable and maintain an Italian charm.” 

Shop our exclusive Fracap boots here (we Alex Mill-ified them with custom laces).  Each pair comes with its own brush and polish. 


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