MY UNIFORM: Editor and Stylist Andrea Linett

MY UNIFORM: Editor and Stylist Andrea Linett

If, like us, you grew up adoring Sassy and Lucky Magazine then you’re familiar with the work of Andrea Linett. As a founder of Lucky, alongside the Magazine’s OG Editor-in-Chief Kim France,  Andrea’s career has been steeped in fashion and style. But not the kind that sits atop a pedestal—fashun as they sayAndrea’s approach has always been more accessible. Sassy and Lucky were the original arbiters of street style, afterall. Today she’s the mind behind the addictive shopping blog I Want To Be Her. We caught up with her in New York with her adorable son Gino who got the chance to debut a jumpsuit from our kids’ capsule, The Frankie Collection, and we talked Conde Nast in the ‘90s, dressing Kurt and Courtney and of course, dressing herself. 

Andrea Linett, the mind behind the addictive shopping blog I Want To Be Her, introduced us to her stylish son Gino, and showed us how she rocks the playground. 


I was born in New York City. We lived on East 8th Street in the East Village but when I was 6 we relocated to Summit, New Jersey. My mom was a creative director at an advertising agency and my dad was a lawyer. It was like a cultural shock, the move from downtown New York to Jersey; they were Greenwich Village people (mom had a Klute shag and dad carried an army bag) and when we moved we really didn’t fit in. It was a very preppy town. My mother and my father were huge influences on my style. Gino, my son, whose real name is Eugene, is named after my dad, actually.  My dad always had beautiful suits — he was a real Ralph Lauren guy and collected cowboy boots and Southwest jewelry and I’ve always had a thing for both. He would get something in his head and search high and low for it. I’m the same way. I was super into clothes, always. We had matching skull rings that I had someone make for us. In 6th grade I had a black watch plaid suit (when everyone was wearing fair isle sweaters) and read fashion magazines all the time. My high school was super uninspiring and preppy. College was the best because I remember thinking, “Oh my god you can wear anything you want.”


I was the luckiest person alive. I saw an ad for a job at a new magazine- it was Sassy and I was like, “I’ve got to get this job.” I was the receptionist and made friends with everyone on staff. 6 months later I was in the fashion department—eventually becoming a fashion/beauty editor there. We were not fashion we were culture. We were covering Courtney and Kurt (I styled that iconic cover the Sunday after Nirvana was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live), Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, and Daisy von Furth was our intern! [Daisy went on to launch the legendary line “X Girl” with Kim Gordon.] Chloe Sevigny also worked with us for a while, after I met her on the street. We really embraced culture; it wasn’t about fashion. When Sassy was sold I got a job as a writer/editor at Harper’s Bazaar and even though I didn’t really fit in as that type of “fancy” editor, I really loved it! After a few years there, Kim France (whom I had worked with at Sassy) called and told me she was starting a magazine “about shopping” and I needed to do it with her. I literally jumped on board immediately. Even though no one else in the building or in advertising understood the concept at first, it was the most successful magazine launch in Conde Nast history. 


Back then in publishing everyone had a uniform: Prada or Helmut Lang or Miu Miu. I remember wearing jeans to cover a fashion show and was reprimanded by my editor at Harper’s Bazaar. To think about that now! Once we started Lucky we created this posse of women who liked style but not fashion per se. [Former Conde Nast editorial director] James Truman once said, “You can always tell when someone comes from the Lucky floor — she’s got on some kind of lingerie top with her jeans dragging on the floor!” 


I’m a little bit of a chameleon but when it comes down to it I have a few things I reach for all the time: Jeans, good ankle boots, a biker jacket, hippie tops. My style icons are men or tomboys. Bob Dylan for one, his proportions are always perfect. I loved dressing when I was pregnant! It was an opportunity to dress cute: Overalls, dresses. Everyone is surprised by how I dress Gino. They thought I’d go for fashiony style moments but I just dress him like a little boy. 


 3 professions you’d pursue if not for your current career:

Concept designer for a brand, television producer (I am working on something as we speak) or children’s book author 

 3 things you never leave home without:

Lip balm, my reading glasses, hand sanitizer, phone charger (that’s four but I am not a minimalist!)

3 things every woman should have in their closet:

A great fitting blazer, a dress you feel fabulous in, a perfect pair of jeans

 Your uniform in 3 pieces:

Jeans, denim jacket, menswear overcoat—and one more—an ankle boot!


As told to AM 10/2/19

Andrea was photographed at her favorite neighborhood restaurant Eastwood in New York City by Casey Zhang

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