Alex Mill Editions: Reworked Vintage In Partnership with Front General Store

Alex Mill Editions: Reworked Vintage In Partnership with Front General Store

Alex Mill Editions are made in small batches with reclaimed materials—our second release of reworked vintage will be available at noon ET on Thursday, May 9 exclusively on Instagram.  Follow @alexmillny to be the first to shop.

Ask most vintage enthusiasts and they’ll tell you: Japanese-owned 
Front General Store in DUMBO, Brooklyn is an institution.  Our creative director Somsack has found vintage military jackets, all his favorite Levi’s and his most beloved, perfectly soft Adidas T-shirt there over the years. An international destination for vintage-obsessives, it’s almost impossible to leave empty-handed (in addition to denim, jackets and tees the shop also stocks an impressive assortment of vintage Issey Miyake and Comme Des Garcons). When we decided to launch a collection of reworked vintage designs, Front General was a dream-come-true partner.

“Front General is particularly special because of their edit. There’s a lot of stuff there but you know that it’s the best stuff,” Somsack says. “It’s our favorite vintage store in New York,” explains our designer Brittany, “it’s honestly as simple as that. We are always looking for ways to support the local businesses we love.”

Our process started with a vintage military jacket Brittany had found that we collectively loved. We asked the team at Front General to help us source ones that had a similar vibe. After looking through dozens, we landed on the select few that we ended up using—each uniquely amazing, with different patterns, wear and fades.

Each one is different, the fabric is different the style is different, the proportions are the same but have variations. So beautiful in their own.
Our first collection of reworked vintage—created in partnership with Japanese-owned Front General Store—arrives. (Click arrows to see more.)
We looked through dozens of vintage military garments and hand-selected jackets and pants to creatively rework.
Here is just one of the vintage military jackets we picked.
We turned to Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator to alter details and add custom buttons from the Alex Mill archives.

Next came pants. We were looking for a particular silhouette, and the team at Front General found us stacks of them. We chose the ones with the most interesting look and feel.

To bring our ideas to life, we needed to find a local small-scale production facility that would be willing to take on this creative project. Our friends at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator were up to the task. A hub for ethical fashion and design, the BF+DA provides young designers with the materials and support they need to bring their businesses to life. Each piece we selected was in need of its own unique alteration—so patches, repair stitches, and silhouette changes varied depending on the condition of the garment. We were also extremely conscious of waste throughout the process. “We didn’t waste any of the fabric; we saved every little piece. If there was excess we used it as a patch or built an interior pocket. We breathed new life into these but also gave them a second life,” explained Brittany.

The BF+DA production team reworked each piece based on our direction. “It was so nice to work locally. We would go over there and check on production so the whole process was super hands-on,” Brittany said. “We didn’t want to lose what we loved about the pieces. We preserved what made them special. We went to the BF+DA to execute the designs; they sewed everything, added labels, our signature ‘A’ button (an Alex Mill original from back in the day). For the pants we sent them leftover silk fabric from our spring collection and they used it as piping on the legs of a few pairs.”

On Thursday you’ll be able to shop these one-of-a-kind pieces on Instagram. We’ll be releasing our first batch at noon, so follow along—and if you love something don’t wait! There’s only one like it.

Follow @alexmillny to be the first to shop on May 9 at noon ET.

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