My Uniform: Katie + Hanna of Amber Waves Farm

My Uniform: Katie + Hanna of Amber Waves Farm

Katie Baldwin, co-founder of Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett, New York and Hanna Rose Haar, chef at the farm’s insanely delicious restaurant, both have jobs that demand that they dress  well, more for function than for style. However, neither really allows a day in the field or behind a stove to overly dictate what they wear, comfortably “farm-ifying” their clothes. We’ll let them explain what exactly that means…


Katie: I’m a native Californian and I studied International Relations at the University of Southern California before moving to New York. I began studying food policy and decided that if I was to continue on that path I needed to learn about where my food came from. An opportunity to become an apprentice on a farm presented itself. I took it and fortuitously met my business partner Amanda. The property that is now Amber Waves came onto the market, and we had the audacity to start a farm. Ten years later—we opened in 2009—we feel so good about the educational work we are doing, teaching. And we even started our own apprenticeship program [Ed note: There are so many classes and events at the farm, take a peek!]. We also train and educate eaters. We do a lot of work with children, bringing them to the farm and doing sensory exploration. We grow a lot of different varieties of things: Over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables, flowers and grains. The farm we apprenticed at really valued biodiversity, and we carried that over to our own farming practices.

Katie Baldwin is the co-founder of Amber Waves Farm.
The farm grows a lot of different varieties of things
Over 300 varieties of vegetables and flowers.
Hanna is a veteran of Eleven Madison Park
and the chef at the farm's yummy restaurant
So the next time you find yourself in Amagansett. . .
Stop by Amber Waves

Hanna: I just joined Amber Waves in April when they opened their kitchen full-time. It’s been great, coming from a super-intense, fine dining background—I’d been at Eleven Madison Park doing their pop-ups in Aspen—to coming into a wholesome environment where the vegetables are the main stars of everything we do. It’s all women-run, every part of this business, which is so cool.


Katie: Dressing translates to ease in California, you get dressed and you walk out the door. You’re always outdoors and the weather is consistent. I moved to the East Coast without a raincoat! I love having gear now though, dressing for the seasons. It’s fun for me. 

Hanna: Growing up I was a punk rock girl, very into ‘50s and ‘60s style, rock ‘n’ roll. Which translated to vintage T-shirts, black skinny jeans and lots of eyeliner. I grew up on Long Island, New York going to thrift stores. I remember always really wanting Doc Martens and would ask my mom, and she thought they were too tomboyish. That they were “skull crushers.” The first chance I had I bought my first pair of Docs. Classic black 8-hole lace-ups.

I remember always really wanting Doc Martens and would ask my mom and she thought they were too tomboyish. That they were “skull crushers.” The first chance I had I bought a pair. - Hanna


Katie: I’m definitely a jeans and T-shirt girl—and on the total other end of the spectrum I’ve adopted linen in my life in an aggressive way. Farming in Amagansett--particularly in summertime, there are always field dinner parties, so I’m in dresses more than you might think. My approach when getting dressed, first and foremost, is to wear what I feel comfortable and confident in. I wear what I love, my street clothes, and then I farmify them. I’m buying clothes and wearing clothes I love—and if they get a little farmified, it’s fine.

I’m buying clothes and wearing clothes I love—and if they get a little farmified, it’s fine. - Katie

Hanna: On my feet I need good shoes—Blundstone boots or Converse sneakers—anything I can beat up and be comfortable standing in for 12 hours that are also comfortable for walking on the beach and talking to the fishermen. I love a minimalist palette—I’m mostly always in neturals. Jeans, white tops. Since I’m always between the kitchen and out front, I try to keep myself presentable. I’ll tie a knot at the bottom of my button-down to keeps things cooler. I can’t care if things get stained or dirty.


3 things you never leave our home without:
A water bottle, my coffee mug, my daughter’s sunscreen 

3 underrated vegetables everyone should try:
Frisee, really good Japanese cucumbers, freshly pulled garlic (it’s best early summer to right now)

Your uniform in 3 pieces:
My jeans, a T-shirt and an Amber Waves Farm trucker hat


3 careers you’d pursue if not for your current line of work:
Race car driver, filmmaker, creative director (I’m interested in every aspect of every creative thing that goes on—I always want to be involved with every little part!)

3 underrated ingredients everyone should cook with:
Wild greens that you find hiking out here on Long Island, edible flowers that you would see on the beaches here, local bycatch which is the fish that fishermen use to catch other fish. It’s delicious: Sea robin, monkfish or porgy, we have such a surplus of it and it’s far more sustainable.

Your uniform in 3 pieces:
Vintage thrifted tee, black skinny jeans and either a denim jacket or a good pair of shoes. 

As told to AM On July 2nd and July 15th
Katie and Hanna were photographed at Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett, New York by Mikey DeTemple. Follow him @mikeydetemple

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