My Uniform: Rajni Jacques

My Uniform: Rajni Jacques


Rajni in our Standard Midi Shirtdress at home in Brooklyn, NYC. 

The Divine Ms. Jacques is something of renaissance lady/super-hero. By day, she is Allure's fashion director, and by night a painter and deejay. Needless to say her UPS (unique personal style) is a mash-up: feminine, tomboy, oversized, shrunken, vintage, ultra-modern. Which is why we couldn’t wait to ask her how in the world she managed to arrive at this protean style and find her “uniform."


I grew up in Queens and then my family moved to New Jersey when I was in grade school. I was always somebody who cared about what I wore, but it was more about individualism than style. I went to Catholic school and I always tried to add something to my uniform. Once I got to public school, I remember this baby blue sweatshirt I would wear. I had taken a glue gun to it and attached cotton balls because I wanted it to look like the sky. I was about 9-years old at the time.

"Instead of looking at trends, I realized that true style goes way, way further."
Rajni in our Standard Jumpsuit in Cotton Twill
One of her paintings. Let's Go Mets!
A shirtdress at rest
This jumpsuit was made to multi-task


My first pair of sneakers were knock-off Keds that I picked out, we’d go to places in Queens where they had stores that you could buy bedding, furniture, clothes at... If you go on Flatbush Avenue or Fulton in Brooklyn now, you’ll see these stores. My mom told me I could buy something at the shop and I chose these canvas lace-ups. When we moved to New Jersey I thought they were so cool and then a classmate told me they weren’t real Keds. It was my first introduction to the fashion hierarchy.


My first pair of Jordans were the first thing I saved up for. They were Retro 3s if I remember correctly. I must have been in high school or junior high school. I also remember my first pair of jeans—Lees that I hunted for—with an acid wash. They were faded at the knees because I wore them all the time.


I think I really came into my style in college: Layering dresses over jeans or pants, playing with proportions. But then when I graduated and moved to the city I began to edit. Instead of looking to trends, I realized that true style goes way, way further. Now I have somewhat of a uniform—it’s never too dressy, always comfortable. Often centered around denim. Now as a mother I’m always asking, “What’s easy?” Onesies (i.e. jumpsuits) are exactly that. You put them on and you go.


3 professions you’d have if not for your current line of work:

Painter, creative director, multi-disciplinary artist [ed note: We’d also vote for DJ as Rajni has killer taste in music and even made up a playlist! Listen up here.]

3 things you never leave home without:

Red lipstick, hair band, charm necklaces with my children’s initials

Your uniform in 3-pieces:

High-waisted denim, onesie that’s billowy and left with the top loose (I’ll go a size up), bodysuit.


As told to AM on June 10, 2019

Rajni was photographed at her home in Brooklyn by Casey Zhang

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