My Uniform: Singer, Dancer & Actress Ericka Hunter

My Uniform: Singer, Dancer & Actress Ericka Hunter

At this time of year in New York City getting to a Broadway show feels like an essential experience: Twinkling lights, a palpable energy, everything feels alive. Multi-hyphenate, Broadway star Ericka Hunter who is currently performing in the Broadway musical Moulin Rouge experiences this energy every single day. Not surprisingly her off-set uniform is quite a bit different from the one she wears on stage—but we’ll let her tell you all about it. 



I’m from Ottawa, Canada. My parents were and still are quite fashionable. My mom worked at the hospital as a microbiologist, so she wore very sensible clothes but also had a killer bob and was always rocking a chunky earring or necklace to go with her lab coat. My dad wore suits to work, but his at-home style was very sporty as he played softball and badminton. I would like to add that I’ve seen many pictures of them from the ‘70s and their style was out of this world. They’re probably why I’ve always

been interested in style, although I’m not quite sure I understood what “style” meant at the time. I just loved shopping and finding new outfits that I could wear to school. Clothes made me feel special and it was a way for me to express who I was. I grew up dancing with a lot of girls who went to private school and I never understood wearing the same thing every day. I’ve had several phases: Age 10, I was into stirrup pants and oversized sweaters topped off with a high ponytail and a scrunchie. When I was 15 it was the late 90s which was an excellent time for fashion in my opinion. Lots of platform shoes, flared jeans, plaid tops but also the occasional skirt with tights, matte lipstick. 



When I was in my 20s I wore really tight clothes and heels. I was way more social and always had an event to attend. Now, I’m all about comfort. I’m either in sneakers or boots, a jumpsuit, or jeans and a nice sweater. Simple, but even if I don’t have plans, I’d like to think that if a last minute drink came up, I’d still look ready to go out! 



There was a time in my early 20s where I wasn’t sure that performing was going to be a long term career for me. I ended up with an opportunity to assist Joe Zee as he was styling everything from Vanity Fair covers to Justin Timberlake’s album cover. I had never been exposed to so many high end brands and it became a slight addiction! I remember I bought myself my first pair of Jimmy Choos, on sale of course. I remember thinking, wow this is so much money, but I felt like a million bucks in those things so it was worth it. I eventually ended up with a closet full of Jimmy Choos. 



My job is interesting because when I arrive at work I change into costumes. We wear these beautiful costumes at Moulin Rouge that are mostly corsets. So before and after the show, I’m looking to be as comfortable as possible. When I look out in the audience, I love seeing people dressed up, so when I’m seeing a show, I try to do the same! 



3 careers you’d pursue if not for your current profession:

Talent Agent/Manager, stylist, lady of leisure ;)


3 things you never leave home without:

Hair elastics (though it’s often the thing I forget!), earrings and rings, Clé De Peau concealer 


Your uniform in 3 pieces:

A simple tee, relaxed jeans, a sweater


3 things on your holiday wishlist:

I’m always looking for a new signature piece for the winter: Right now it’s a long coat, winter boots, a new scarf 


Thank you Ericka!


Ericka was photographed at The Al Hirschfeld Theater in New York City by Bryan Derbala.

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