Upcycling At Its Finest

Introducing a very special, very limited-edition collaboration… We partnered with Quiet Town, the made-in-NY bathroom accessories brand (that also happens to be the brainchild of our dear friends Lisa and Michael), to bring you this clothing collection that was pieced together by hand using their colorful canvas shower curtain scraps.

The Backstory

We’ve been big Quiet Town fans for years, but when we heard about their program RE:CANVAS (which, just like our upcycling initiative ReWork, breathes new life into old fabrics–like the canvas scraps you see here), that really got us thinking... Let’s collaborate.

The Collaboration

“This collection was fun to piece together with Lisa and Michael as we let the canvas remnants lead the design direction in terms of colors used and how many pieces could be made.” -Somsack, our Co-founder and Creative Director

The Collection

What started as 300 pounds (!) of canvas scraps turned into a handful of watercolor-y styles loosely based off of two of our best-selling men's items, the Work jacket and the Saturday short.

Meet Lisa & Michael

The co-founders of Quiet Town Home, who also happen to be partners, parents and our longtime friends (in addition to creative geniuses).