Nobody needs new clothes right now. But everyone needs the right clothes.

So we make them.

OUR STORY We launched Alex Mill back in 2012 with the goal of making the perfect shirt. From there we quickly developed a following of individuals who valued good design and quality.

Timeless, not trendy, we take the core styles that every person wants and we do something radical: We don’t change them all that much.

We preserve what makes them iconic so you can stop searching for that perfect, uncomplicated jacket or shirt. It’s right here.

Wake up, get dressed, don’t overthink it. (Sounds nice, right?)

Alex Mill: Guaranteed to never go out of style.

Alex's uniform

Beige slim jacket, checked shirt, dark jeans

Somsack’s uniform

Wool jacquard sweater, cotton pants

A few years later our co-founder Alex Drexler was introduced to Somsack, previously design director at J.Crew (and before that, Madewell).

Millard “Mickey” Drexler—former CEO of Gap and J.Crew, and founder of Old Navy and Madewell (not to mention Alex’s dad)—brought these two minds together, with a suspicion something (really) good would come from it.

One afternoon, in a small office off Canal Street in New York City, the three got together to discuss something they’d been hearing over and over. Quite simply, a lot of people were looking for something they couldn’t find: Straightforward design that was still unique.

Not more clothes, but the right clothes.

Alex and Somsack were up for the challenge and the Alex Mill of today was born.