My Uniform: John Jannuzzi

My Uniform: John Jannuzzi

John Jannuzzi loves cookies. Actually, more generously, he loves anything and everything buttery, sugar-y and delicious. So when he set out to make a perfect chocolate chip cookie he realized there weren’t many ways to mess something up when flour, butter and sugar are involved—but there are ways to invoke nostalgia and feverish cravings (that manifest in his sold-out-in-two-minutes weekly drop). After breaking the internet with a cookie, so to speak, he and his girlfriend Alex Rush decided to make things official and founded Jannuzzi’s Cookies. John’s approach to dressing, coincidentally—or appropriately—is really quite similar. Certain combinations just can’t be screwed up (jeans + t-shirts, black anything) but then it’s that extra something that takes things to the next level. He won’t tell us what exactly that is in his cookies but he can tell us how he achieves that when getting dressed. Can’t win them all...


I did not grow up baking; I watch The Great British Bakeoff but that’s basically it. We’ve technically been in business for one year. We started selling the cookies online last October and I'd been working on the recipe at that point for a few years. I'd bring them into my office and get feedback. For a long time I just wanted to build a perfect chocolate chip cookie. Friends, co-workers, people got excited and started posting about them on Instagram. We began pre-selling, on Instagram, now every Sunday night at 8 p.m. and pretty soon they started selling out in two minutes.

Frustrated that we were always too slow to buy Jannuzzi's Cookies during his Sunday night Instagram-only sales, we asked him to partner with us on a series of live cookie drops at our 63 Greene Street store. During the first one, the cookies sold our in two hours. Stay tuned for details about the next one.
John started selling his cookies on Instagram
Fans awaited the Sunday night
To him the perfect cookie. . .
is crunchy outside and soft inside
He and his partner Alex Rush
hand deliver the goods


People describe the consistency of our chocolate chip cookie as crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside—they have a crunch to them but they're meant to be a little soft. Plus I always use a bittersweet chocolate bar that I chop up so there are flecks of chocolate throughout. Some bigger pieces, some smaller. It’s way more labor intensive but makes for a better and prettier cookie. There’s spice in there, but I can’t reveal my secrets. Listen, when you’re eating cooked butter, sugar and flour there isn’t much that can go wrong but there are things you taste and think, “I want more of that!” I love cookies and growing up I was a total sugar fiend. My absolute favorite cookie was Archway Oatmeal Classic Soft Cookies. They remind me of being at my grandparents house and being unapologetically gluttonous.


My mom was a teacher, worked a little in publishing, and later worked for a designer but she just opened up her own store, The Trunk Show in Connecticut. She has really good style; she's always been a diehard shopper. I grew up with her taking me to the department stores in the city and to see the Met Costume Institute exhibits (among other touristy things). My style is very functional: I have a bit of a uniform and I’ll stray every now and then but I always come back to all black. It’s boring but it always looks good—and you can add on to it easily. Outerwear is my weakness; I have a thing for shorter jackets right now. It’s been denim jacket weather in New York but I’m excited to go to Chicago soon and bring out my shearling. My style is based on function, I’ll find something, fall in love and wear it until I can’t anymore. I like well-fitting and simple clothing; all black is the base and then a great piece of outerwear on top. I like chinos too



 3 careers you'd pursue if not for your current profession:

Visual artist (I majored in print-making in college), some sort of business person (whatever it is that my brother does), baker 

3 cookies you’d subsist on if you had to narrow it to three:

Black and white, chocolate chip, Oreo

 Your uniform in 3 pieces:

A really good pair of well-fitting jeans, a T-shirt that's nice and worn in, a jacket (either a denim trucker jacket or a shearling trucker when it gets colder)

As told to AM 10/31/2019

Photographs by Hudson Brown

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