My Uniform: Girls’ Night In Founder Alisha Ramos

My Uniform: Girls’ Night In Founder Alisha Ramos

Alisha Ramos is the mastermind behind the virtual community called Girls' Night In (which just so happens to also have an offline arm, The Lounge). One part of her company is a weekly newsletter that shares great reads and links. The other is a meeting of the minds: Virtual book clubs, meet-up and  networking in the most community-centric way. With social distancing recommendations still going strong, Alisha is, in a way, offering women what they need most right now: Connection. She sent us snaps from her life in quarantine and discussed style mishaps, successes and more...


All over the place - Texas, South Korea, Georgia, North Carolina, D.C. … I was an army brat. I got most of my style from my mom. She understood the value of high-quality design and investment designer pieces. I’d say her style was almost French classic in a way - understated but high quality, designer-forward and dotted with fancy accessories. Tumblr and style blogs in the late 2000’s also made an impact. Haha. That was my first time really delving into various styles and getting “street style” inspiration, vs. just grabbing whatever shirt came up first in my dresser. It was an invitation to play and have fun with fashion. Lately I’m trying to focus on investing in clothes that are made of high quality, organic materials and will last a while.



At age 10, I was obsessed with Limited Too. So I wore a lot of graphic tees from there with shorts or overalls. I also loved anything Old Navy put out -- and yes, I owned purple “pleather” pants. They were a mistake. At age 16, I’m pretty sure I exclusively wore flare jeans (remember those?). My family used to travel to South Korea each summer, so my closet was also dotted with trendier pieces that I’m not sure my American friends totally understood (but would be “cool” now), like platform sneakers and tiered dresses worn over jeans. I think I was more adventurous back then because of that international upbringing.



Organic, airy materials like linen and cotton are my go-to’s and I’m gravitating more towards those. It gets super hot and humid here in D.C., so the value of a linen shirt or shirt-dress (like the one I have from Alex Mill) cannot be understated.



3 apps we all need to download STAT.

  1. PictureThis - Take a picture of a flower or a plant and it will tell you what it is.
  2. Huji - For nostalgic photos.
  3. MarcoPolo - Record and receive video messages with friends.


3 things making quarantine a bit more joyful for you.

  1. My dog and fiancé
  2. Going for long walks around our neighborhood and taking photos of the prettiest houses
  3. Gardening - learning to grow flowers from seed


Your uniform, in 3 pieces.

  1. Shirt-dress
  2. Necklace
  3. Comfortable sandals


Thank you, Alisha!


Alisha photographed herself at home in Washington, D.C. 

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