Re x Work A seond turn for our surplus goods. "Upcycling in action"
Re x Work A seond turn for our surplus goods. "Upcycling in action"
ReWork: Saturday Wide Stripe Short

We got creative with our leftover striped fabric to make a *very limited* run of our favorite summer short. We're all about the details, and the striped contrast pockets, drawstring waist, and 100% cotton fabric are a few of special touches we love.

ReWork: Vintage Shirtsleeves Edition

Our waste-reducing Rework program gives new life to surplus styles. When we found ourselves with extra shirts on hand, we knew just who to turn to. Jenny Cooper, a longtime friend of ours, is an artist and the owner of IXV Coffee, a no-waste coffeeshop in Brooklyn. We worked with her to create our Vintage Shirtsleeves collection—our shirts, pieced together with sleeves from vintage shirts. We produced only 88 and each is one-of-a-kind.

The Details

Vintage Shirtsleeves are made of 100% cotton Alex Mill shirts, each mismatched with one of our sleeves and a vintage cotton sleeve. Made in men’s sizes, they’re intended for everyone. Each is unique, hand-stitched by Jenny in Brooklyn. 

"I scour vintage stores...

"...for beautiful quality men’s shirts—I never find two of the same, and I spend a lot of time choosing which sleeves to pair together. So you're guaranteed to get an amazing, one-of-a-kind style."

-Jenny Cooper